Word of the Year

I won’t lie, I have pilfered this concept from Day 1 of the 64 Million Artists January Challenge. I love the idea that thinking of a word, the meaning of which can be an inspiration, is a great way to kick off a New Year. It gives a focus, something to ruminate on when the world starts to close in and things seem bleak. However, I’ve gone a little outside of the box. Wouldn’t expect anything less from me, right?

The Challenge asks; “What is your word of the year? If you could choose one word to sum up your intentions, plans and hopes for the year – what would it be?”

What is my word of the year?

The word I have chosen is “colour”. Now, that may seem like a strange word for the start of the New Year, but I have a reason, one that I can explain and, hopefully, give some of y’all something to think about.

Why did I pick my word?

2018 was a difficult year for me for many reasons. A long term relationship ended, I moved house and changed my job. I almost didn’t make it through on a number of occasions, and when people would ask me what was wrong, the only word I could come up with was “everything”. The pressure of the whole world, anxiety, depression and OCD, created a permanent state of grey, where nothing could ever get better. There was no way out. I lived in a world devoid of colour.

I was told a number of times by very close friends that it was unlikely for “everything” to be wrong. When pushed, I found I could break “everything” down, and evaluate. I could take my time and think of the real problems in my life, and how they were impacting other areas. Suddenly, the world wasn’t falling apart anymore, just crumbling at the corners; that’s something that is so much easier to handle.

Honestly, those moments were like little sunrises in my soul. The world flooded with colour and then dimmed again over time, but the remembrance of those flashes remained. I had something to reach for!

Why is it important? Getting some colour!

So, this brings me to my word of the year. Colour. I don’t want to live in a perpetual state of grey. I don’t want “everything” to feel like a problem. If anything, I want my soul to be full of sunrises.

A little adventure here, an afternoon with a book there, anything big or small can add colour to your world. Even thinking on the word “colour” can bring the association to the forefront of your mind.

The fact that people relate colours to emotions almost instinctively shows the importance of colour in our lives. No one wants to live in the grey and neither do I.

I am aware that not all colour associations are positive, blue for sadness, green for envy, yellow for cowardice. By choosing “colour”, I’m allowing for the inevitable negatives as well as the positive. I am happy with this. Life isn’t all sunshine and roses, after all, and I think if we expect that from life, we limit our experiences in terms of overall growth.

What am I going to put in place to achieve my hopes?

It seems a little flowery to say that I’m going to fill my world with colour. Corny, even.

However, that is sort of my aim. I want to go on adventures, be less of a flake when it comes to seeing my friends and put stock in experiences over consumerism.

I’m going to meditate when I need to clear my mind, take pictures of the beautiful things I see, and write the wonderful things I feel. It’s not just me though, I am going to work for the colour of all things, people, animals, and the planet.

Experiences are what matter, after all, and I will be practising personal accountability with “colour” in the forefront of my mind.

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