I am currently working on:

  • ‘The Link Man’ – a short story. See below for an excerpt to whet the appetite!
  • ‘Scrivener Lines’ – the first in a series – world building in progress.
  • ‘Yesterday’s Child’ – working title of a standalone novel – Planning and structure in progress


From ‘The Link Man’

The Livingston towered above the city, a monument to and of herself. She looked down with a glass eyed sneer, an omnipotent gaze spread wide over the lives of those not worthy to climb to her heady heights and experience the opulence within her gaping maw. It would not do for them to spy inside her, to wander corridors framed by her polished bones and delight in the delicacies produced in the cavernous bowels of her kitchens. It would not be proper for these people, these ordinary workaday folk, to be exposed to her satin nerves and gilded sinews. Oh, no. She was far better than that and she knew it. Today, shrouded in mist and curtained by rain, she looked more formidable than ever.

Outside her gaping jaws lolled a crimson tongue, fattening itself on raindrops and giving the distinct impression it was dripping with saliva. Right at the end, like a fly stuck to poisoned paper, was where I stood, unable to draw myself away.

I was fourteen years of age the first time I opened the doors of The Livingston, and I was pushing 80 when I walked down that tongue for the last time. In the 65 years that I served her, I think The Livingston was good to me, and she took on the role of wife, mother, child and mistress in a life otherwise devoid of company. She held a fascination for me that no one else could, the brick red warmth of her, the endless motion inside her rooms. It was simply dazzling to one as young as I.