Freelance & Tutoring

My books are currently open for freelance copywriting, blog posts and the like. Below are a few of the topic areas that I have a strong capability in, but I am always up for a challenge!

  • Marketing – I’ve worked in corporate marketing for 5 years, and can write professionally on a number of subject areas.
  • Retail – I have a working understanding of all facets of the retail world, from the glamorous to the horrific.
  • Anthropology – As an anthropology graduate, I can write critically on a number of topics, including:
    • Sociology and Social Policy
    • Criminology
    • Psychology
    • Ethics
  • Geek and Popular Culture – this is purely through my own interest.
  • Theatre, Drama and Opera – I just love it.

Please contact me for an idea on the pieces, and we can discuss rates.

Finally, I am also open for tutoring in English, French, and Drama (other subjects considered dependent on level). This can either be online or in person dependent on location.