I am currently working on an anthology with a Grecian theme, as well as several standalone poems which take an in depth look at mental health issues and spirituality. 

I will also be entering poetry competitions this year. I’ll be sure to post if anything interesting happens to my submissions!

In the meantime, here’s something angsty about Sirens I once wrote on a train:

When I love, it is without reservation, 
Without fear, free from criminality. 
It is with gay abandon and reckless flight. 
When I love, it is without suspicion, 
Without knowing, and entirely out of time 
With itself. 
It likes in clockwork weight behind the bottle glass green, 
Blackest coal-rimmed eyes. 
They simmer with seductive innocence. 
shimmer with exultation,
haunting, naive. 
They are a spectre, and they will not leave him.

I will.

His choice lies not with me, but
On the wings of the precocious wind.
For those who love without care throw
Caution past Hell’s river,
And make an enemy of Lust. 
Doomed, they lie in Her service.

This is why I do not care to love again, 
His absence is too present in the mourning abyss. 
I wake alone, devoid and empty,
Hungry, to pull him into me once, just once more.
But every man I take
Is wrong, and lacks the vitality to remain.
So I sing my song, and wreck them all until
I find his ship again.